PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing is a model of Advertising which allows the marketers or promoters to pay only when their ad is clicked by a user.
It is a process of purchasing visits to your site.

One of the most famous pay per click advertisement is Search Engine Advertising.
Google adwords is a advertising product of Google’s which offers PPC and CPM advertising as well rich media , text and site banners ads.
Google adwords is also a main source of revenue for Google.
It enables search marketers to bid for the placement of advertisement in the links of search engine when someone searches for a keyword that is identified with their business.
For an instance, in the event we bid on the keyword “Dedicated servers”, our ad will appear at the best place on the Google search results.
Every time when your advertisement is clicked by online user, you need to pay Google a small amount of fee.

Lets see how exactly this works, when a search is started, Google looks into the pool of AdWords promoters/marketers who has won the bidding process and let them show up in significant advertisement place on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).
So, how PPC marketing is good for us, there are number of factors which makes it good they are as follows :

  • Its provides fast and Measurable Results.
  • PPC advertisement is also agile.
  • PPC advertising can also be a bargain.

So, using PPC you will get certain benefits over other ways of online marketing methods like fast, measurable results , like having control of budget and scheduling , traffic is targeted , need to pay only for clicks and get the top spot of Google’s page.


Thus, it is useful for Advertisers , Searchers and also for Search Engines.



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